Atlanta Felony Charges

Felony charges in Georgia are distinguished as crimes causing more harm to the public than lesser charges like misdemeanors. Felony charges are more complex to defend and require the skill of an attorney who is knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law and the legal process. At Giannini Law Office, some of the most common felony charges our Atlanta criminal defense attorney manages include:
  • Home invasion 
  • Home robbery
  • Possession of Schedule I drugs
  • Aggravated assault or battery
  • Sexual offenses
  • Gun related offenses
No matter what the charge may be, any felony accusations should be taken extremely seriously. The penalties for felony convictions are strict, often including at least one year in prison. Felony cases also often result in extensive fines and other measures that could completely alter your life. 

Felony Defense Attorney for Atlanta

Felony defense attorney Bob Giannini has worked for many years in the Metro-Atlanta area. His experience working with area courts to ensure that the rights of defendants are upheld makes him an aggressive advocate for his clients. No matter what sort of charges you are facing, you can rest assured that this experience is working on your side. 
Anyone charged with a felony in Georgia has the right to a jury trial. Our felony defense attorney will work alongside you from the first moment you call our office to make sure your case is well established, that your rights are protected, and that you have all the facts about your options and possible outcomes.

Contact Giannini Law Office todayto start building your case. Call our office at 770.237.3800 or drop us a line.  
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