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“First of all I reached out to 5 different attorneys, Bob was the ONLY one who responded to my request. It was an old case I needed help with the Retroactive First Offender treatment. We had a quick phone call and set up a meeting. I went and met with Bob and he had already done some research and had a strategy to handle my case. He was thorough, patient, and very confident he could help me. He communicated with me throughout the process and helped me resolve my case without ever entering a courtroom. Bob’s personality puts you at ease from the very start he his calm and as others have noted somewhat of a therapist during the process. 5 stars is not enough Bob truly did an excellent job representing me. Do not hesitate to call him.”Matt O.

“Great lawyer, he is very knowledgeable, patient and will work hard to fight your case. I would recommend Giannini to anyone who is looking to defend any criminal allegations.”Tony B.

“Bob Giannini is not only an excellent attorney, but a genuinely great person. He not only took the time to understand and explain my legal situation from all sides, but made the additional effort to understand the human side of my case. Though he always remained very professional, I could tell he was invested in my interests in the way a good friend would. On more than one occasion he called me just to check in to see how I was doing. In addition to his overall demeanor, Bob really knows his way around the local courts and is very efficient and skillful at getting answers and resolving legal hurdles. His assistant Mary is equally talented and was equally invested in my case. Bob is definitely the kind of person you want to represent you when facing the uncertainties and fears that arise from a legal issues.”Aaron S.

“Mr. Giannini is a phenomenal person inside and out, and an even better lawyer. He’s concise, knowledgeable, and compassionate. His presence and input is extremely comforting in times of legal stress, and he is easy to get in contact with if there are any lingering concerns. Not to mention the secretaries at his law office are extremely personable and wonderful to speak with. If you’re ever in need, don’t hesitate to contact this office. Words don’t do them enough justice.”Summer O.

“Mr. Giannini and his firm recently handled a misdemeanor possession charge for me in Snellville, Ga. He did a phenomenal job handling my case. Great lawyer and even better person. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who may have any sort of issues with the law here in Georgia. And as promised, an entirely free consultation and discussion of my case and proceedings.”A Satisfied Client

“I would like to start off by saying Mr. Giannini is a true advocate for anyone in need of a defense attorney and his paralegal, Mary, is an angel.
After being arrested last year, I called the most expensive lawyer in Gwinnett County. I gave a brief description of my circumstances and explained I could not afford to retain their services but if they would refer me to the lawyer they would retain if they were in my situation, I would be grateful. They referred me to Mr. Giannini and he did not disappoint. His office is conveniently located in downtown Lawrenceville, and not only did Mr. Giannini and Mary speak with me multiple times the day I contacted them, they met with me in person for over an hour less than 48 hours of retaining their services (which were very affordable!) They made sure they had all of the facts of my case, were extremely professional in explaining each step of the process and the potential outcomes, and cared about the impact a conviction would have on my personal and professional life.

In the end, Mr. Giannini had my charges were dismissed! While I can’t assure he will do the same for you, I can say that Mr. Giannini will do everything in his power to get the best possible outcome for his clients. The final thought I want to share is on the day of my court appearance, Mr. Giannini was only one of two lawyers out of 10 – 12 that sat with his client instead of in a separate section. That spoke volumes to me. I was a human and not a case. I will never be able to express my gratitude to Mr. Giannini or Mrs. Mary for seeing me through a difficult time in my life, but I will say again, THANK YOU!”Jennifer P.

“Bob Giannini is honest and tough without being unpleasant. He is extremely knowledgeable about criminal law, and DUI in particular. Whenever I want to discuss an aspect of a case, he is always available and ready with solid insights. Great guy!”Rebecca K.

“Bob Giannini has been a dear friend of mine for 15 years. He has saved me multiple times when it comes to anything legal. He is prompt and organized which helps when you’re standing in front of a judge. I wouldn’t use anyone else for any legal advice. He will truly represent you and your interest 100%. Bob will fight for your rights until the end result is successful!”Chris O.

“The Giannini Law Firm has been amazing to work with. The professionalism and kindness I have experienced with Mr. Giannini and his team have been top of the line. He is well respected in the community and demonstrates high professional values and ethics. Mr. Giannini possesses a proven record of successful experience. He is a highly professional and I look forward to working with him in the future.”Kim B.

“Bob is honest and forthright. You can trust him to handle your case and go to bat for you with your legal issues. I have found him to be reliable and a great communicator so you know exactly where you are with your case.”Tom C.

“Robert Giannini did a great job with my case. He and his staff were always professional and always kept me in informed. I would highly recommend him.”William J.

“It’s great when your lawyer knows everyone in the courtroom. Bob has an excellent reputation and is always professional. Great lawyer!”Travis S.

“Bob is an incredible attorney and a great guy! I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and family seeking legal advice! Thank you Bob, for all of your help!”Maggie P.

“I have gone to Mr. Giannnini with all of my legal needs for the past 15 years. He knows the ins & outs of the law and has always come through with a positive outcome for me & my family members. He’s compassionate and understanding when dealing with tough situations. He and his staff are always available when I need them. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone needing legal help or advice.”Jason P.

“I have used Robert Giannini’s services on twice. I came back the second time because of how “Bob” handled my case from start to finish. I felt that Bob took my case personal and looked out for me and my son. We did exactly what he told us and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I recommend Bob to everyone. I know that everyone’s case is different but its a welcome site to see a professional like Bob actually care of their clients well being and not just to make a paycheck. It felt like family was looking out for me.”Kevin G.

“Excellent attorney. Highly recommended and trusted peer.”Jason T.

“After a background check including the reviews of others I decided to retain Mr. Giannini’s services. He was very helpful before I anticipated hiring him. His consult reflected a capable and compassionate person. My case did not go to court.”Nick

“When our daughter was arrested for underage drinking, our entire family was in shock. We were beyond upset. Bob exceeded our expectations; not only did he use all of his legal experience, education, and knowledge of the justice system to help, he could have been considered a therapist! He has excellent listening skills, is very compassionate, and nonjudgmental. He knew exactly what to say to help us feel calm and to rationally consider the situation. He was able to get our daughter our of jail before she even had to spend one night there. He also negotiated with the court system for the type of consequences that eventually allowed her record to be expunged.

When you and your family members are unaccustomed to being arrested and have no proclivities toward criminal activity, being arrested, handcuffed, booked, and put in a jail cell are horribly traumatizing. Some attorneys are arrogant, inconsiderate, and put little time and effort into their clients’ cases. Not so with Bob. He is also one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

If you need an attorney, or even just wonder if you do, call him. You will not be sorry.”A Satisfied Client

“Mr Giannini looked out for me in every corner. When he didn’t get in touch with me for court he went above and got the judge to go ahead with a bond. Very straight forward, tells you the best way to go, and helps you all the way. I would definitely recommend to friends and would use him again.”Travis D.

“As a small business owner, I have legal predicaments occur routinely. I rely on counsel to advise and direct me during these situations. I have relied on Robert Giannini for many years to handle such matters. And I have been impressed with his acumen ongoing.

Not only has he assisted in successful navigation of numerous issues that required expertise beyond my own, but his staff has been pro-active as a team, even after matters were resolved to my liking.

I always receive follow-up with reminders and records of crucial documents useful to retain for records, and my concerns are always given the utmost importance regardless of whether they are large or small.

In a nutshell, I rely on Robert because I have come to trust him, his expertise, his professionalism and his staff- to take great care of me when I am most in need.”Brian P.

“Bob Giannini is without question, if not the best, one of the best lawyers in the Atlanta area. I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with him. I would strongly recommend Mr.Giannini as anybody’s lawyer, because not only is he a beast in the courtroom, but he is a good natured and well mannered individual. Bob is exceptionally dedicated to his clients needs and strategically generates the best outcome for their case. If you want to win your case, choose Bob Giannini as your lawyer! I chose him and we won! Unfortunately, I will have to use his services again. However, I am not perturbed and look forward to working with him again.”Tiera

“Bob was excellent. Had a serious case and could have gotten a lot of time. Due to Bob and his great staff at the office who always went above and beyond there calls of duty I received a minimum sentence and was home in less then a year witch in my case was amazing. Thanks to everyone who put time and effort into my case and thanks Bob. Its been awhile just thought I’d let you know I am and always will be thankfully.”Joe S.

“My son was on probation and while on probation he was tasted false positive for Meth. Mr. Bob Giannini and his Associate prepared the case material. Mr. Bob Giannini personally argued the case before the Judge and after getting all the information from my son. Because of the experience and knowledge, he presented the case to the judge very good and convinced the Judge that the case did not have enough reason to send him to jail for probation violation. He was freed and came home right from the Court. Mr. Giannini did excellent job and we will recommend him to any one. Always ready to answer any question. We are very thankful to Mr. Giannini and his office. Mr. Giannini is an excellent Attorney.”R.M.

“I tried multiple attorneys which were awful. Most demonstrated horrible customer service. I called a friend of mine regarding needing an attorney that wasn’t a rip off. He provided Mr. Giannini. Bob returned my phone call within an hour. I wasn’t available until after my shift. He worked with my schedule even during the night. Bob is the most honest attorney I have ever met. My brother was charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce. I arrived with a hysterical crying mother and Bob comforted us with his expertise. He treats his clients as if they are his family. I highly recommend him. He is respectful and truly intelligent. He gets the job done. Most attorneys don’t realize the importance of time however Bob get’s to the bottom of the case thoroughly and effectively. He is the man to go to!”Brenda

“To start off Bob is an amazing lawyer. He is very knowledgeable in his work and knows how to handle any type of case. i was recently arrested on felony drug charges that weren’t mine but were in my car. i wanted my case dismissed and Bob made sure that it happened. i was arrested in November of 2013 and my case was dismissed on July 30th, 2014. Bob works hard to prove you are innocent and i would recommend him to anybody who needs help. He is just beyond GREAT at what he does. He also has an outstanding assistant Mary who always communicates with the clients as well as Bob and she can answer any questions you may have in case Bob is unavailable. if in the future i ever need a lawyer for anything i will definitely be calling Bob Giannini. i just want to thank him for everything he has done.”Amra

“We hired Bob Giannini to handle our sons juvenile case. He handled this case as if it were his own son standing there. Bob not only got us the verdict we were hoping for but the way he interacted with my child was very comforting. His experience with juvenile cases was very apparent. My son was comfortable enough to open up and provide the information that was needed in order for Bob to defend him. He truly cares about his clients and will be there for you every step of the way. His staff was just as great! Highly recommend!”Tracy

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