Juvenile Cases

Juvenile Cases

In Georgia, anyone between the ages of 13 and 17 who commits a crime is considered a juvenile offender. Juvenile offenders are treated differently in the criminal justice system than adults, but the charges are taken no less seriously. The consequences for juvenile crime convictions can have a long-term, even lifelong, impact on the juvenile's future, including (but not limited to):
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Inability to secure employment
  • Inability to secure funding for college
  • Suspended or revoked driving privileges
It is important that anyone accused of a crime contact a criminal defense attorney right away. This is even more important for juveniles, who are unable to defend themselves and may not know what it means to protect their legal rights. 

An Experienced Gwinnett Juvenile Attorney

At Giannini Law Office, Bob Giannini, as criminal defense attorney knows well the impact that juvenile cases can have on families. Attorney Bob Giannini is dedicated to protecting the rights of these young offenders but also finding solutions that do not leave juveniles disadvantaged for the rest of their lives. He is familiar with the juvenile justice system and juvenile court process and is committed to making sure that juvenile clients understand their rights and options, and has been handling cases in Gwinnett County Juvenile Court for over 15 years.

Our office manages juvenile cases both misdemeanor and felony. We offer every client the compassion, respect, and privacy needed to sort through what is often nothing more than a mistake in judgment or action. 

Contact the Gwinnett Juvenile Crime Attorney You Can Trust

At Giannini Law Office, we understand the benefit of options. We are dedicated to finding options that work best for your family, including alternatives to incarceration, such as community service, counseling, or treatment. Our goal is to protect the rights of our clients and preserve their future to the best of our abilities. 

Contact Giannini Law Office today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Call our office at 770.237.3800 or send us a message. 
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