Warrants in Georgia

Warrants in Georgia

In Georgia, warrants are issued when someone who has been charged with a crime fails to attend his or her scheduled court appearance. These are commonly called bench warrants. If a court has issued a warrant against you, it is extremely important that you contact an Atlanta criminal law attorney right away. Bench warrants are very serious, and the consequences can be disruptive at best and life-changing at worst.

Bench warrants are issued for numerous reasons, including situations such as:
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay fines such as traffic or parking tickets
  • Failure to comply with a subpoena requesting your testimony in court
  • Delays or refusal to pay court-ordered alimony or child support
You should note that most people who are arrested on a bench warrant are arrested in the course of their daily lives. These arrests often occur during a traffic stop, roadblock, or other minor incidents. There are even some cases where the individual does not know that a bench warrant has been issued until they are arrested.

Getting Help with Your Bench Warrant Case

If you are the subject of a bench warrant, you need the skills and expertise of an attorney who is familiar with the court system, including the objectives of the prosecution and defense. At Giannini Law Office, our Atlanta criminal law attorney has the knowledge and experience you need to understand your rights and options, such as having a warrant lifted, recalled, or set aside. Never settle for the first option without understanding the benefits or consequences thoroughly first. 

Contact Our Atlanta Criminal Law Attorney

If you are the subject of a bench warrant and you want to learn more about how we can advocate on your behalf and get the best results possible, contact Giannini Law Office today for a no-obligation consultation. Call our office at 770.237.3800, or send us an email at Bob@BobGLaw.com. 
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